Why should you bother with a photographer?

Sunrise couple photography

Today, pictures are everywhere. You see pictures all over your Facebook feed, hanging at home and at work, and smeared all over billboards on the side of the road. With cellphone cameras, everyone has a camera in their pocket, so why should you bother taking professional pictures? Well the answer is simple: have you ever tried to print and frame something you took on your cell phone?

To capture memories, you need a professional.

Pictures are a memory that will last for years, so don’t you want them to look good? Being able to share a photo with all your friends and family as you graduate high school, or framing a photo of your wedding to remember forever are some of the most cherished gifts out there. So if you’re going to save something for eternity, you want to do it right. And why bother with a big, stuffy studio company that charges $900 for a dozen digital files when you can have an incredible experience somewhere much more meaningful. That’s what I strive for at Jake Suss Photography: Lifelong memories without any stress or worry. Just give me a call at: (480) 648-4565 or send me an email at jakesussphotography@gmail.com, and we can begin your journey to a cherished memory.

So what happens when you book a portrait session? First, we coordinate a time and place that will work for you. I like to find somewhere meaningful to you, like somewhere you go frequently or where you had your first kiss. Then, bring yourself, any props you want (friends too!), and a smile. We take some pictures for an hour or so, then I take them home and process them. I post proofs on my website in a private folder so you can see which ones you like, and then we figure out prints and digital copies. If you order prints, they arrive in about a week and if you order digital files, I can either email you them immediately or give you a thumb drive with all the photos. It’s fun, easy, and creates a lasting memory that you can share with friends and family.