What happens when you add flour to Tae Kwon Do?

Flour TDK 13 Dec 13_131213_0071.jpgFlour TDK 13 Dec 13_131213_0097.jpgFlour TDK 13 Dec 13_131213_0028.jpgFlour TDK 13 Dec 13_131213_0086.jpgFlour TDK 13 Dec 13_131213_0095.jpg

I’m not the only one done with finals now. The lovely Nicole is also done with finals, and to celebrate, we thought we would put together one of her favorite pastimes: Tae Kwon Do, with one of mine: making messes.

So, I waited until it got dark, spread out a tarp (lot of good that did me), and broke out a 25lbs bag of flour. Did you know they’re only $10 a Fry’s? My mayhem prepared, I took out my camera and my speedlight and got to work.

First, I exposed the scene without the flash and made sure that everything in the background was pitch black. Then I put Nicole in the picture and got a few shots of her to make sure that my lighting was correct. Even though my camera isn’t a crazy-expensive high-speed camera, I can leave a long exposure and let the flash’s super-short burst of light freeze the motion in my image. The results were pretty surprising!

Then came the flour. Beforehand, Nicole and I planned a few of the shots we wanted to get, a couple different kicks, some chops, something cool with a sword, but a lot of it was just seeing what looked cool with the flour. I quickly found that the more flour, the better, and had two assistants throwing flour in the background even as she was kicking more into the air.

The results were awesome. With flour flying everywhere, it gave a foggy background to obfuscate everything else in the picture, but still emphasize her motion and precision. Enjoy!


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