Welcome to Jake Suss Photography!

Welcome to Jake Suss Photography! Here, you can find both my portfolio images, as well as some of my most up-to-date images. You can find more about Jake Suss Photography in the creatively named “About” tab.

For this first entry, I will tell you a little about my own background and what I bring to photography. I started playing with my mom’s old film camera when I was 10-years-old, and fell in love with it. When she bought her first digital camera a few years later, I explored and played more—it’s easier to justify when you don’t have to buy film. Since then I have read every photography resource I can lay my hands on, spent hundreds of hours with my camera to my eye, and taken thousands of pictures. Now I ply my trade as a photographer by taking portraits and event photos, selling some of my landscape pieces, and working for the Horizons Newspaper.

While in college, I have taken weddings, professional portrait pictures, casual portraits, event photos, group photos, and more. I enjoy any time I spend behind a camera lens and will work with you to make your picture exactly how you want it. I have many years’ experience with retouching pictures, so I can guarantee a result with which you will be pleased.

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