Veteran’s Day 2014


As a prospective member of the US Armed Forces, Veteran’s Day strikes close at heart. I always try to go out and support in any way I can, and nothing makes me feel warmer inside than trading smiles with a veteran who is looking at my uniform in the knowledge that although he has passed on the torch, it remains lit.

Part of this support for Detachment 028 Air Force ROTC at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ takes place even the day before. Starting at 1000 on 10 Nov, the Honor Corps posts a 24 hour guard around the flag at the local Veteran’s Administration hospital. We stand silent guard in honor of those who served this great country and those who are now serving. Then, on 11 Nov, the detachment proudly takes part in the Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown Prescott. It’s a wonderful way to thank those great men and women who give so much to protect this country and every thing it stands for. Thank you all!

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