The Dells

Near my school is a beautiful lake surrounded by granite dells. The rich oranges and reds in the rock contrast with the blues of the water and provide a perfect photography destination! Whether for weddings with the rocky lake in the background, portraits against the granite, or landscape photography, the Dells are a perfect place to go. Last winter, on a cold morning before finals, I woke up early to go and take some pictures of the lake during sunrise. The results were beautiful.

To commemorate my trip, I decided to take a few self-portraits (read “selfie” in today’s vernacular), and they came out beautifully. I took one normal portrait, and for the other one, I took two exposures of the scene to create a ghostly look. That picture made it onto the cover of Embry Riddle’s 2013 Black Box creative writing and arts magazine!

Lake with rocks right.jpgGhost.jpgLake Color.jpgME BW.jpgLake with Rock Foreground copy.jpg

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  1. Harriet Hickman November 20, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    You have a good eye for this. Nice Job.

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