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Who needs finals?

Sometimes (all the time) I give thanks for my choice not to be an engineering student. For, while my friends are living in the library, I get to spend my time out in the freezing cold, creating beautiful images. This time, I went to check out the sunset at Prescott’s Willow Lake, and then headed downtown to see the Courthouse Square covered in lights. This […]

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Granite Mountain at Sunset

Sometimes the perfect picture is a matter of luck, being at the right place in the right time. But sometimes, careful planning and forethought culminate in the perfect picture. It seems as though it’s been months since I’ve taken landscape pictures for fun, which is what got me into this hobby to start. School and work add up quickly to preclude me from taking the […]

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Embry Riddle Women’s Soccer 2013

Thanks to my job as a photographer for ERAU’s Horizons Newspaper, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph the Embry Riddle Lady Eagles throughout their 2013 season, where they took 2nd place in the conference! Congratulations girls! Here are some of the many pictures I accrued throughout the season.

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The Dells

Near my school is a beautiful lake surrounded by granite dells. The rich oranges and reds in the rock contrast with the blues of the water and provide a perfect photography destination! Whether for weddings with the rocky lake in the background, portraits against the granite, or landscape photography, the Dells are a perfect place to go. Last winter, on a cold morning before finals, […]

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Quines Wedding

Congratulations to Byron and Lauren Quine! They had a beautiful wedding at the Prescott, AZ Courthouse on November, 7, and I was lucky enough to get to witness and photograph their transition into a happily married couple. I wish you both the best of luck and a happy and fulfilled marriage!  

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