San Angelo Sunset over the Concho River Bridge

Breathtaking sunset photography in San Angelo

When the clouds align, the sunsets in San Angelo are breathtaking

In photography, life does not always acquiesce to your desires

On my Facebook page¬†a few days ago, I posted a picture from sunset over the Concho River in San Angelo. I promised that I would process the image and let you see it as soon as it was ready. Well, that didn’t happen.

The first try…

I had the chance to head out one night during the week to take some pictures. I always plan my shots meticulously, looking at the weather, the sun angles, and the exact time the sun will set. As such, I arrived at a bridge overlooking this pedestrian bridge on the Concho River. I framed my shot to get the setting sun’s light on the bridge and the reflection in the water, which was smooth as glass. I snapped a few frames as the sun was setting and waited for a while until the lights on the bridge turned on because I knew that would add a wonderful reflection in the water. The lights turned on just after 7:00 p.m., and just as I prepared to take the picture, I saw a gust of wind stir the water into a towering mist beyond the bridge. The dust storm that I had vaguely noticed on the periphery of my image arrived with vengeance, fomenting the previously calm waters into a mass of waves that marched rapidly towards me. I took one image, shown below, before I had to scramble back to my car and out of the 35 mph winds.

My first aborted attempt

San Angelo rewarded me with a second chance

On Friday, I found my redemption. After work, I looked up to see stunningly colorful clouds as the sun began to set, so I grabbed my camera and sprinted out the door. Intending to use the same composition, I sped (at the speed limit:) to park nearby when I glanced over my shoulder and noticed a completely different perspective. The sun was setting through the bridge! Instead of getting the reflection, I knew I could move my position and get an absolutely spectacular shot with the bridge and the sun setting behind it. The results were spectacular, and it goes to show that although some things may not work out the first time, everything happens for a reason!

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