San Angelo Landscape at Night

The starry San Angelo landscape at night

A starry night photo of San Angelo, TX

San Angelo Landscape, Escaping to the Stars

There is nothing to raise your spirits like a San Angelo Landscape. Working every day and going through the usual 8-to-5 grind, it can be easy to sink into a rut and forget about the beautiful world all around us. Although cities can be smelly, noisy places, after the city limits there is a whole different experience waiting to be unleashed. That’s what I thought about this weekend when I decided to get out of San Angelo and take a few pictures. After a solid week of non-stop action in my other job, I needed to get out into nature and take a few pictures. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a star photo, and with the moon in just the right position, I got a few hours to take a photo after the sun went down. I grabbed a few snacks and all of my camera gear, then set out on the road to a spot I scouted a little north of San Angelo. I’ve learned that in photography, you always need to be flexible, and that was the case when I found a gate on the road that I intended to travel. Instead, I just set my camera up and used the road as a leading line, taking the picture from foreground into the stars.


People can just drive on by

While I was out, I set up a second camera to take a timelapse of the cars driving by. There I was, taking beautiful photos and feeling connected with the stars, while all of these cars flew by me on the road. It felt like society was too busy to stop and absorb the beauty all around them. When I watched the hundreds of cars fly by in the video, I felt a little proud that I was taking the time to be in the outdoors! You can see the timelapse I did below, orĀ here on my YouTube channel.

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