Nicole at Thunderbird Park

Thanks to Nicole for the wonderful photos! She’s always a pleasure to work with, and the pictures always come out great! These portraits were done at Thunderbird Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ, which is close to my family’s home and another location I like to work. The park provides a few unique opportunities for very southwestern style portraits, as well as beautiful backdrops for other kinds of portraits. Soft, warm light at sunrise and sunset make the reds and oranges in the soil glow to make a beautiful picture. It’s a great place for senior pictures, group portraits, or just a place to go for a hike!

20_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg16_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg15_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg17_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg22_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg23_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg25_Nicole Photoshoot_101313.jpg

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