Kaela and Elijah’s Junior Prom

This week I had the incredible opportunity to take some pictures of Kaela and Elijah’s junior prom! They were super cute together and it was a blast getting to take pictures!

Kaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0138.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0193.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0139.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0151.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0165.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0283.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0019.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0088.jpgKaela McMahon Junior Prom-20140503-0144.jpg


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