Jordan in the Gym

Cory Lifting-20140221-0211.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0021.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0238.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0038.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0056.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0070.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0089.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0101.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0104.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0205.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0115.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0067.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0218.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0152.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0235.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0162.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0173.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0225.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0177.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0154.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0195.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0203.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0212.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0230.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0149.jpgCory Lifting-20140221-0246.jpg

This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to take some pictures of Jordan Erickson working out in the gym. Jordan has been working hard these past few months getting ready to make a debut in the world of fashion and fitness modelling. The results are pretty impressive.

Working with Jordan was like a walk in the park; I would ask if he could do something, and he would say “Sure!” and add an extra 25 pounds. This man is a beast! Go check out his profile on Facebook at

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