Janelle and Kramer

Everyone has best friends, but my best friend is special. She and I have been best friends since the first grade (we’re in college now), and have lived just around the corner for nearly the whole time. Needless to say, we know each other really well, make fun of each other a lot, and act like brother and sister.

The other day, she asked me to take some pictures of her and her boyfriend Kramer, so I was more than delighted to go out Sunday morning and take some pictures. I dragged them out for sunrise at Thunderbird Mountain in Phoenix (she wasn’t very happy¬†about that, but she changed her mind when she saw the pictures), and started shooting. The pictures came out great!

Davies Family-20140316-0064.jpgDavies Family-20140316-0239.jpgDavies Family-20140316-0096.jpgDavies Family-20140316-0288.jpgDavies Family-20140316-0006.jpgDavies Family-20140316-0249.jpg

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