Granite Mountain at Sunset

Sometimes the perfect picture is a matter of luck, being at the right place in the right time. But sometimes, careful planning and forethought culminate in the perfect picture.

It seems as though it’s been months since I’ve taken landscape pictures for fun, which is what got me into this hobby to start. School and work add up quickly to preclude me from taking the time to go out and take the pictures I love, but I do get the chance to spend a little time planning my next photo shoot. As finals draw to an end, I finally have time again to go out and take the pictures I’ve been planning.

In the north part of Prescott, where my school lies, Granite Mountain dominates the landscape. Its beautiful, rocky slopes glow pink as the sun rises and a deep blue silhouette as the sun sets. As the first part of a series I’m planning describing Prescott, this picture shows what the end of a day in Prescott looks like.


Granite Sunset_20131206_0016-Edit2.jpg

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