Foggy Mornings in Prescott

Okay, so this title may be a little misleading: it was really only one morning, but it was still awesome! I drove up from Phoenix early Monday morning, and as I neared my home, I saw fog in my headlights. It was rather peculiar, as Prescott does not typically have lots of fog. I was tired (it was before 0600), so I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but later that morning when I looked outside, I could see that the entire valley in which Embry Riddle and that area sit was filled with a massive fog bank!

I grabbed my camera and ran to shoot a few pictures before the sun burnt through it. I didn’t have much time before class, but I got a few good pictures that show just how foggy it was!

Fog in Prescott-20140303-0010.jpgFog in Prescott-20140303-0003.jpgFog in Prescott-20140303-0021.jpg

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