Cory and Jamie

It was a blast getting to work with Cory again and getting to meet the lovely Jamie! They have a really incredible chemistry that made for some awesome photos!

Cory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0131.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0164.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0042.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0120.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0137 as Smart Object-1.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0081.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0094.jpgCory and Jamie- 12 Apr 14-20140412-0127 as Smart Object-1.jpg

I took them down to a different portion of Lynx Lake and we found the perfect backdrops for all their pictures. Prescott sure is amazing at how quickly it can turn from granite dells to pine trees and lakes!

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