Congratulations Lexee

It’s a special thing to graduate from college, and an especially incredible thing when you do it a year early! Congratulations Lexee! I’m super proud!

Lexee Graduation-20140507-0134.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0162.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0101.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0049.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0033.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0067.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0146.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0007.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0009.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0104.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0123.jpgLexee Graduation-20140507-0186.jpg

Of course, graduation means you have to have pictures! Lexee is so beautiful that it makes it easy!

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