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Jade and Brandon’s Wedding

Sometimes life is full of coincidences that you simply cannot ignore. I was out shooting some pictures of the downtown Prescott, AZ Courthouse, and I happened to notice a couple who looked like they had just gotten married. The lighting wasn’t right for the shot I wanted to get yet, so I picked up my hear and walked over to them. There, I met Jade […]


Heather and Adam’s Engagement

Congratulations to Heather, Adam, and the rest of the family for a happily engaged couple! In preparation for their wedding, the happy couple wanted some engagement pictures, and I was more than happy to oblige! They were a pure joy to photograph, acting cute and adorable without me having to say a word! It was easy to take lots of pictures because every time I […]

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Quines Wedding

Congratulations to Byron and Lauren Quine! They had a beautiful wedding at the Prescott, AZ Courthouse on November, 7, and I was lucky enough to get to witness and photograph their transition into a happily married couple. I wish you both the best of luck and a happy and fulfilled marriage!  

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