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Dandi Wedding

A couple more teasers for the beautiful couple! Enjoy your Irish honeymoon and these pictures! Congratulations to Dayton and Andi on their beautiful wedding! There are many more pictures to come, but here is the first teaser!


Jade and Brandon’s Wedding

Sometimes life is full of coincidences that you simply cannot ignore. I was out shooting some pictures of the downtown Prescott, AZ Courthouse, and I happened to notice a couple who looked like they had just gotten married. The lighting wasn’t right for the shot I wanted to get yet, so I picked up my hear and walked over to them. There, I met Jade […]


Heather and Adam’s Engagement

Congratulations to Heather, Adam, and the rest of the family for a happily engaged couple! In preparation for their wedding, the happy couple wanted some engagement pictures, and I was more than happy to oblige! They were a pure joy to photograph, acting cute and adorable without me having to say a word! It was easy to take lots of pictures because every time I […]

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Quines Wedding

Congratulations to Byron and Lauren Quine! They had a beautiful wedding at the Prescott, AZ Courthouse on November, 7, and I was lucky enough to get to witness and photograph their transition into a happily married couple. I wish you both the best of luck and a happy and fulfilled marriage!  

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