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Jordan in the Gym

This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to take some pictures of Jordan Erickson working out in the gym. Jordan has been working hard these past few months getting ready to make a debut in the world of fashion and fitness modelling. The results are pretty impressive. Working with Jordan was like a walk in the park; I would ask if he could do something, […]

Arely’s Air Force Portrait

Sometimes smiling, sometimes serious, but always beautiful, Arely knows how to pull off the Air Force uniform. This official portrait really makes her look professional!

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Cacciatore Family

These photos are from a few weeks ago, but also over winter break, I got to take some pictures of the Cacciatore family! They were a pleasure to work with, and I think we really accomplished the “Italian Mafia” theme that we wanted from this shoot. Here are some of their photos!

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What happens when you add flour to Tae Kwon Do?

I’m not the only one done with finals now. The lovely Nicole is also done with finals, and to celebrate, we thought we would put together one of her favorite pastimes: Tae Kwon Do, with one of mine: making messes. So, I waited until it got dark, spread out a tarp (lot of good that did me), and broke out a 25lbs bag of flour. […]

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The Dells

Near my school is a beautiful lake surrounded by granite dells. The rich oranges and reds in the rock contrast with the blues of the water and provide a perfect photography destination! Whether for weddings with the rocky lake in the background, portraits against the granite, or landscape photography, the Dells are a perfect place to go. Last winter, on a cold morning before finals, […]

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Nicole at Thunderbird Park

Thanks to Nicole for the wonderful photos! She’s always a pleasure to work with, and the pictures always come out great! These portraits were done at Thunderbird Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ, which is close to my family’s home and another location I like to work. The park provides a few unique opportunities for very southwestern style portraits, as well as beautiful backdrops for other […]

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