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Western Road Trip

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much recently. I was gone for about a month at training this summer, but now I’m back and ready to go! To kick off my summer, I’m taking a road trip with Nicole through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California! It’s going to be a blast, and there’s going to be more pictures than […]

California Vacation

Everyone takes vacations, and I particularly love to travel on mine. Though, when I take a vacation, it definitely is not a vacation from photography! This spring break, I went on an incredible road trip to California and took some awesome pictures along the way! It’s been a while since I’ve taken them, but now I finally have time to post them! Enjoy!  

Foggy Mornings in Prescott

Okay, so this title may be a little misleading: it was really only one morning, but it was still awesome! I drove up from Phoenix early Monday morning, and as I neared my home, I saw fog in my headlights. It was rather peculiar, as Prescott does not typically have lots of fog. I was tired (it was before 0600), so I didn’t think too […]


The Mysterious Orient

I am sure you have seen the multitude of China pictures included in my Facebook page, or my portfolio, but I have never really posted a lot of them all in one place or described how I got them. This is that post. I had the pleasure of taking the summer away from scenic Prescott, AZ, and spending 83 days in China. I took classes […]

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Arizona Sunsets

You may have already seen these pictures on my Facebook , but of course they have to go up here too. There’s simply nothing like a northern Arizona sunset after a storm. The aptly named Sunset Point provides an impeccable viewpoint to see some of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever experience.

Sedona and the Grand Canyon

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, but that’s because I was out taking more pictures! I took a wonderful trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon that netted some truly lovely pictures! The landscapes there are truly spectacular, and I highly suggest finding the time to go and visit them. Even if you have to wake up before the break of dawn […]

Who needs finals?

Sometimes (all the time) I give thanks for my choice not to be an engineering student. For, while my friends are living in the library, I get to spend my time out in the freezing cold, creating beautiful images. This time, I went to check out the sunset at Prescott’s Willow Lake, and then headed downtown to see the Courthouse Square covered in lights. This […]

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Sneak Peak

Is this just another picture of Granite Mountain, or something else? Is it the start of a much larger project? Keep checking back over the next few weeks to find out!

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Granite Mountain at Sunset

Sometimes the perfect picture is a matter of luck, being at the right place in the right time. But sometimes, careful planning and forethought culminate in the perfect picture. It seems as though it’s been months since I’ve taken landscape pictures for fun, which is what got me into this hobby to start. School and work add up quickly to preclude me from taking the […]

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The Dells

Near my school is a beautiful lake surrounded by granite dells. The rich oranges and reds in the rock contrast with the blues of the water and provide a perfect photography destination! Whether for weddings with the rocky lake in the background, portraits against the granite, or landscape photography, the Dells are a perfect place to go. Last winter, on a cold morning before finals, […]

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